Mediation in Family affairs

divorce mediation & mediation in family affairs

What is mediation?

Parties will be assisted in their dialogue by a neutral mediator in order to draw up a binding agreement to resolve their conflict.


The mediatior is neutral and impartial but involved at the same time. She provides guidance to stimulate communication and has an eye for the interests and need of each party. The aim is to achieve a balanced and legally valid agreement that is acceptable to all. 


Parties are encouraged to cooperate voluntarily during the mediation process, to be open to compromise and to respect each other’s opinion and position.

All conversations are completely confidential. 



  • avoidance of expensive and elaborate court procedures
  • participation of the parties in the decision-making process
  • preservation of a constructive communication between parties
  • a well-balanced agreement makes you feel good, will be better enforced and will therefore provide more guarantees for a future without conflicts
  • an own regulation leads to a better result than a regulation imposed by a judge

How does meditiation work?

During the first intake conversation, for about one hour and a half, the mediator analyzes the substance of the dispute and the conflicting positions. Parties are informed about the different steps involved and the rules of procedure. Once set for a mediation approach, the Mediation Protocol is explained and signed. This protocol formalizes the key reciprocal arrangements between parties and the mediator.


During the subsequent conversations the mediator stimulates creative solutions and provides relevant legal advice. The mediator writes interim reports on progress towards approved arrangements.


If required, external specialized expertise is brought into play. For tax ruling details an accountant can be of help, or in some cases psychological advice - also for the children involved - may be appropriate. The mediator will propose adequate professionals from her network.


The mediator will edit the formal final agreement and in some cases will submit it to the court for ratification.