fee structure


An hourly rate of € 150 applies to mediation. This fee is to be divided between the parties participating in the mediation. 


On both fees and costs, legally speaking (and only for family mediation), no VAT is due. 


 A different rate may be agreed in international cases.



In addition to the fees, office costs and expenses are also charged. 

The costs are charged at unit prices that are communicated when the case starts.


These costs include costs for opening the file, dactylography, e-mails, copies and print-outs, travel costs,...


A payment is requested at the start of a case. Additional advances will be requested in the course of handling the case in order to spread payments. Clients can always obtain an interim overview of the services provided and costs incurred.




The lawyer is insured for professional liability and has subscribed to the code of ethics.

This information is provided in compliance with the articles of the Services Law of 26 March 2010.